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Most would likely have to move to where the work is, but it’s possible some could be reallocated to other projects. “One of the conditions in that bid documentation from the European Space Agency is that all work has to be led by an EU-based company by March ’19,” Mr Paynter told the committee. “Effectively that means that for Airbus to bid and win that work, we will effectively novate (move) all of the work from the UK to our factories in France and Germany on day one of that contract.” Image caption Colin Paynter said the work would be transferred to Airbus factories in France and Germany Asked by Committee chair Hilary Benn MP whether the Brexit transition period could mitigate this condition, Mr Paynter replied: “No, because this area of Galileo – and many areas of Galileo – is classed as a security-sensitive procurement. I believe that isn’t covered in the transitional arrangements.” The UK’s access to Galileo’s encrypted service, which would be required for military and security uses of the system, would be blocked by the EU after Brexit. This warning prompted the Business Secretary Greg Clark to announce that the government would look into options for developing its own satellite-navigation system. Asked by Labour MP Pat McFadden whether developing a British sat-nav system was feasible, Mr Paynter replied: “I think the key thing for me is, it’s not up to industry to determine whether there’s a requirement or need for an independent UK system… I would say that, in terms of feasibility, I think after such a long and deep involvement with the Galileo programme as UK industry, we have all the skills and capabilities needed to cheapest online shopping sites support that programme should it come out.” But Dr Bleddyn Bowen, who researches space and defence at the University of Leicester, told the committee: “Technically, yes, it’s feasible – Britain could do it. But it will cost a lot of money and it will run over budget.” He added: “You need online shopping websites for clothes to look at the other GNSSs – global navigation satellite systems – that have been built. The Americans are click here! currently building their third generation of GPS satellites, which have become notorious for cost overruns and delays because they’re encountering new technological problems as they improve the system.

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