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This birthday, what binds us

Stars and Stripes over San Antonio during the celebration of the Fourth of July with fireworks at HemisFair Park in 2013. Photo: Bob Owen /San Antonio Express-News / ©2013 San Antonio Express-News But, perhaps, on this nation’s birthday we can remember some of the things that bind us as a nation. There are, contrary to conventional wisdom, many. In these times of abiding distrust in our institutions, perhaps we can remember what it is about these that endure — and nourish and maintain our democracy. They are rooted in the values people still think of when the word “America” is spoken. Our humanity and sense of justice not being the least of these. First, let’s recognize what is perhaps our grandest institution — the ballot box. We use this to settle our disagreements. Still. There are no bloody coups, notwithstanding the hyperbole employed on both sides that coups, without the blood, are, in fact, occurring. Yes, our vote is fragile — vulnerable to Russian meddling and ongoing efforts to restrict it via voter ID laws. And then there is the effort to dilute representation via gerrymandering.

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Echoing surrender terms imposed on rebels elsewhere, opposition fighters agreed to give up heavy and medium-sized weapons. Those wishing to stay in the area will “settle” their status with the state, meaning accepting a return of its rule. Those who reject the deal will be given safe passage out to the opposition-held province of Idlib in the northwest, according to terms that were also reported by a military news outlet run by Lebanon’s Hezbollah. The Iran-backed group Hezbollah is fighting in Syria in support of Assad. Once the southwestern campaign is finished, Assad’s focus will likely turn to the two remaining areas outside his grasp. These are the rebel-held northwest, where the presence of Turkish forces will complicate any military campaign, and swathes of the northeast and east that are held by Kurdish-led militias, supported by some 2,000 U.S. troops on the ground. As Damascus and its allies pursue military victory, there appears little chance of the kind of negotiated peace which Assad’s adversaries say is needed to stabilize the country and encourage millions of refugees to return. The war is estimated to have killed hundreds of thousands of people, displacing 11 million and forcing some six million abroad as refugees. A Reuters witness on the Israeli side of the Golan frontier said fighting continued in the area of Tel al-Haara, a strategically vital hilltop seized by government forces this week. The sound of planes could be heard as shelling continued.

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