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Live From Beijing: A Disappearing Saturday Night Live

The show, one of several international versions of “Saturday Night Live,” differs from the original in key ways besides language. It isn’t live, for starters, and it doesn’t directly address politics in China or elsewhere. In the show’s second episode, one skit mocked China’s national soccer team, which did not qualify for the World Cup in Russia. “When the Soviet Union disintegrated, China’s rank dropped by about 20,” a character says of the team. “Then it dropped again when the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia broke up. And then there was the breakup of Serbia and Montenegro, and Kosovo.” Another skit portrayed a matriarchal society where polyandry is common and men are tyrannized by women. “My male compatriots, have you felt you have been bullied and suppressed by females?” a male comedian asks. “Have you noticed that the women in your family are always condescending?” (Answer: “Yes!”) On Douban , a Chinese social network that focuses on culture, users have given the American version of “Saturday Night Live” a rating of 9.2 out of 10. But the Chinese version’s rating is just 4.9 out of 10, and many viewers have ridiculed it as either not entertaining or else inappropriate for a Chinese context. “My thirst for knowledge urged me to try ‘S.N.L.’ and my survival instinct nudged me to fast-forward through,” one user wrote on Douban, referring to the Chinese version.

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Shinil Group representatives did not respond to requests for comment, but its news release said the company was the “only entity in the world” to have discovered the ship. The release was accompanied by photos and video of a wreck, including a section that appeared to show the ship’s name. It said the search team included experts from Britain, Canada and South Korea. The announcement was disputed by the government-run Korea Institute of Ocean Science and Technology, which told South Korean media that it discovered the wreck in 2003. The institute did not respond to a request for comment, but its website showed photos dated from 2007 of what it said was the wreck, along with maps of its general location. A South Korean construction company has also laid claim to being the first to discover the Russian warship, South Korean media said. Some academics have cast doubt on past reports of a massive treasure on the ship. South Korean financial regulators also cautioned against investing in treasure hunting ventures. In a separate statement on its website, Shinil Group described its newly launched “Donskoi International” crypto currency exchange as linked to the find. The company said it would “share profits” from the Russian wreck with the public by handing out its virtual currency to anyone who signed up to use the exchange.

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