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· Staff is working with the Winters Express on a means for getting the Police Report out to residents. The issue has been the deadline for the newspaper (Tuesdays) and the ability of Police Department Staff to come in on a Monday and gather the information for the paper along with the many other duties required. Frankly, its tough coming in on a Monday and trying to get many reports input into State criminal data bases, address weekend issues (there are more on the weekends than weekdays) and meet the deadline for the newspaper. One option is publishing the report on the Police Department Facebook page during the midweek and sending the information to the press concurrently. The issue is that it misses the print newspaper or the information there is almost a week old. We will find a solution! Finally, this week has a call to talk about the importance of newspapers and the free press. Unquestionably, the viability of print media is under enormous stress with the many sources available through the internet and other media. Personally, I prefer the local print newspaper versus the online versions.

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Frisco ISD opens 4 new schools, relieving 11 campuses

The school is opening with grades 9-11. (Nicole Luna/Community Impact Newspaper) Frisco ISD opened four new schools for the 2018-19 school year, relieving enrollment at 11 other schools. Memorial High School, Lawler Middle School and Liscano and Talley elementary schools were originally scheduled to open in the 2017-18 school year. As a cost-saving measure, FISD delayed the opening of those schools, resulting in increased class sizes and rezoning for some schools. Scott Warstler, FISD director of planning and business operations, said the district’s optimal capacity for schools is between 85-90 percent. That percentage includes not only accommodating the general student population but also students in special education programs. For some schools the optimal capacity percentage increased during the 2017-18 school year. “Were we able to make do? Absolutely,” Warstler said. “… but then definitely what you saw coming into this year was the need for those [new]schools to relieve us.” Delaying school openings comes with a number of challenges, Warstler said. Along with increasing class sizes, lunch hours may be extend, parking lots can get tight and the district may resort to using portable classes to accommodate the extra students.

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